Friday, June 24, 2005

old biz

it never ceases to amaze me how much email i get via the hotmail account that i've otherwise abandoned to the spammers regarding long-forgotten stuff i wrote that was pubbed on this or that website several years ago. for the benefit of any of _those people_ who find this blog:

1) i no longer have contact information for james williamson, the ex-stooges gtrist. i cleaned out my files somewhere around 2002 and it's gone. sorry. the last time i heard from james, who's now an executive with sony corporation and the father of small kids, was right after 9/11. he sent me some info on talking to kids about the disaster. not very rock'n'roll, but appreciated at the time.

2) i have no idea where rob tyner, the late mc5 singer, is buried. the only place i've ever been in detroit is the airport. try a google search.

3) i don't care that nils lofgren was a showboating asshole when he upstaged roy buchanan on that pbs special. whatthefuck. nils was 16 years old then; i was 13. he impressed me at the time enough to make me wanna start playing gtr, which is why i wrote about it when i was 40+. i'm _not_ giving back the last 35 yrs; of _that_ i can assure you.

4) i'm not writing a book. _this_ is what i do instead of writing a book. writing books takes time, and i need to make a living.

ok. that's it.


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